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Contributor Tracy Leija, Steubing CIT

Barcelona, Spain

Montserrat Basilica, Spain

Alhambra, Granada, Spain



Contributor Brenda Sanchez, Valley Hi CIT

Seattle Coastline



Contributor Amanda Ewenson, Hoffman CIT



Senegal, West Africa





Contributor Kelly O'Neill, Rudder Middle School CIT

Washington D. C.


Contributor Helen Baca, Northside Learning Center

Washington State and Canada


Contributor Alison Syre via Jennifer Parker, Meadow Village CIT



Contributor Nancy Smothers, Colby Glass CIT

Painted Bunting


Contributor Bonnie Debolt, Carlos Coon CIT



Contributor Kim Albrecht, Northwest Crossing CIT

Grand Canyon at the Skywalk

Native American Homes

Nevada Quarry


Contributor Chuck Barksdale, Rayburn Teacher, has granted viewing and any necessary photo editing rights to NISD students and employees when the photos are used for the purpose of education or photo-editing skills improvement. For anyone who displays the photos in the following collections please credit Chuck Barksdale as the original photographer.

Garmisch Bavaria Germany—This collection includes one photo from the Detroit airport. The remaining photos are from a weekend trip to south-eastern Germany and includes photos of Neuschwanstein (the "Disney" castle), the Zugspitz (tallest mountain in Germany), Ettal (monastery) and Oberammergau.


London England—Pictures include mostly architectural shots around the city, including St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Pancras Rail Station, London Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus and various parks.


Luxembourg—US Military cemetery where General Patton is buried.


Southern Germany—Hohen Neuffen, Bad Boll, Pforzheim, Hohen Zollern


Strasbourg France—"Petite France" city center


Stuttgart Germany—Downtown Stuttgart, Castle Solitude, Wilhelma Zoo, and farmer's market just outside of town.


Tongeren Belgium—Antique shopping


Triberg Germany—the tallest waterfall in Germany


Trier Germany—Castles, farm land, Trier city proper including "Porta Negra" (Black Gate) the oldest Roman town in Germany.


Ulm Germany—Birthplace of Albert Einstein, tallest church spire in the country and a farmer's market.


Contributor Brenda Messerli via Susie Carl, Mary Hull CIT



Contributor Jennifer Ritchy-Muñoz, Villarreal ES CIT


San Francisco


Contributor Jane Fair, Northside Academic Training Specialist



Contributor Mary McBeth, Northside Academic Technologist for Special Schools



Contributor Jennifer Lopez, Rawlinson CIT


Patriotic Places


Contributor Lorraine Trawick, Academic Technology Coordinator

Government Canyon

Grapevine, Texas


Contributor Gerald Foret, Hobby MS CIT

Fort Davis

Big Bend


Contributor Debi Weissling, Northside Science Instructional Support Teacher



Contributor John Hayes, Northside Academic Technology Coordinator


South Dakota

Government Canyon


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